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Super Sonic in Bridgeville


   They were fired up in Bridgeville, and who wouldn't be after 40 days and 40 nights of rain? I'm on the the phone at 3:20 driving, sitting, on the Parkway and the voice on the other end says: "where are you? people are waiting for pictures." I say," doesn't it start at 6?" the response is "yeah". So on I drive bobbing and weaving, squeezing  my way into every gap I can find, ignoring all the kind words and well wishes as I crawl towards the Fort Pitt Bridge as the blaring horns echo off the concrete walls. The anticipation of another trip to Sonic with a parking lot packed with some of the finest classic cars in the area made me oblivious to the fanatic gesturing going on around me. As I sped beyond  Greentree Hill, the traffic began to thin and I left all those crazy, hothead motorists behind me. I said to myself, "What a great day to be on the road."

   I finally arrived a 4:05and the parking lot was filling up with every form of auto classic. As they pulled up the drive to the "Christmas tree" the cars paired off into interesting duos, Mustangs and Vettes, woodies and pickups, Deuces and 442's, rats and Beetles, new and old, they just kept coming all the while listening to tunes spun by DJ Grace. 212e The beautifully cool and sunlit day turned into a pleasant evening and the cars kept on coming. As usual, this PID Reunion Cruise was a good time of meeting old friends and talking cars. To be sure, every car has a story and the day was filled with beautiful cars and interesting stories, hundreds of them in he same place at the same time.  At 10 the lights went out and I took the last gulp of my strawberry shake and said goodbye to a few remaining friends.

   With the truck loaded I headed down the road out of Bridgeville when, what!! hey where's the fire?!! I just got cut off. Where do these people come from? You better believe their ears are still ringing from the horn solo I gave 'em. Anyway, I gotta go, there's a tape stuck in the deck.

                                                                           See yinz in the tunnels   -Rich


199e 139e 119e 163e

To see all the Sonic Lineup CLICK HERE


                                   Stop back again, we'll keep the lights on for ya. 213e

                                                    PID Day at the Greene County Airport Flashlight Drags, August 4th


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