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If you happened to have been driving up Route 22 last Thursday, May 16th, headed toward Delmont, you may have noticed all the hub-bub in the parking lot of the Lamplighter. The lot was filled with cars and cruisers. Not just a few and not just the regulars. The occasion was the first trophy cruise of the 2013 season at the Lamplighter. If you are a child of the muscle car era, you had a chance to see some classics from the 50's through the 70's. Mustangs and Vettes led the pack with a good showing of both. It was interes 0020e ting to see the older models lined up next to some of the newer ones. If you like hot rods, "Oh What a Night", Good and Plenty of eye candy. It made it difficult to pick a favorite, which of course was the objective of the the voting. The trophy of event was directed by Jeff Allen of WLSW, the M.C. and D.J. , quite a man of letters, the icon from Music Power 104. As he played the oldies the cruisers enjoyed a beautiful evening poking their heads under hoods, comparing notes, and telling tales of the good old days.

   As the evening sun reflected off chrome and polish, I scurried around the parking lot snapping cars and trucks at a hurried pace trying to get as many pics I could before my ride left me behind in the dust. There were several "out of the ordinary" makes appearing at this cruise such as: Mack, Miata, Willys, Studebaker, International, Kaiser and Fiat to name a few. If you missed the cruise, no worries, they're just getting started. The cruise is held every Thursday evening. If you are out that way, stop in, treat yourself.


                                  Gotta go. Gotta catch my ride.   -Rich                                                                                      

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     To catch all the rides from this cruise, watch the slide show below or Click Here                    


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