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Nostalgia Weekend

   flyerflyer I spent the day Saturday, September the 28th at the Pittsburgh Raceway Park in New Alexandria, PA shooting the goin’s on at the Drag Strip and the Car Cruise. Wow!! What a day. The event was the Nostalgia Nationals, a yearly event for this strip. It is a combined event in recent years for the former Keystone and P.I.D. drag strips. For two days, Saturday and Sunday, the park was abuzz with sounds and sights of screamin’ racers and and the beautifully restored cruisers of yesteryear.

   Racers from back in the day congregated around the pavilion that housed the Bill Truby Collection of photos from the early days of PID and Keystone. Many racers and fans spent hours huddled around the images and remembered how it used to be. In fact that is what this event was all about, “the way it used to be”. It was a “nostalgic weekend”. Several heroes of the old drag strips were present to sign autographs, and reminisce. Some came to show off and others to admire the vintage automobiles of the car cruise. And there were plenty of them to admire in the field above the strip, round 250 or so. If these oldies didn’t make your eyes happy then it’s time for new glasses. And the strip had many attractions of its own from the rails and Funny Cars, to the various classifications of stocks.

   It was a great event and beautiful, sunny weekend. If you didn’t have a good time, it had to be your fault. There was even a band to entertain you Saturday night, Train Wreck. Kudos to PRP and all those involved in organizing and sponsoring the event. If you missed it, mark your calendar next year.

             ………Gotta go. I gotta try and get this darn earplug extracted from my ear.

                                     See yinz at the gas pump. Go Bucs!!!  -Rich

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  Let's Get Nostalgic

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