P.I.D. at the Q.S.&L.

     There are cruises and then there are cruises, but when there is a PID Reunion Cruise, now that's a cruise! Probably the largest, on location, cruises in Western PA. If you are new to them, and plan to go to one, go early. The parking spaces are just about gone at 3:30 for the 5:00 events. They are well organized, thanks in large part to Jim Senkewitz, and offer a great venue for all the old friends and racers from the former Pittsburgh International Dragway, a very loyal bunch. On Saturday, June 8th the crew descended on the Quaker Steak and Lube in Pleasant Hills, who, by the way, were great hosts with kudos to Jason Haney and his fine crew.

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The day started out a little questionable, with the drizzle and threatening clouds but, as if staged by the lights on the "Christmas Tree", the sun fired up at show time. The lot filled with every kind of car imaginable. There was chrome, metal flake and primer, side pipes and headers, rag tops and rat rods, sleepers and creepers, hot rods, sweet rides and classics, fins and wings, (I particularly like the Parmesan with black pepper and ranch but that's just me, you have lots of choices here...mmmmm). And the cars and trucks kept coming. All day from 5 until 8. And the drivers stayed to enjoy the food and drinks offered by the host. There is a cruise here every Saturday but the parking lots swell beyond capacity for this one like no other.

Besides reliving the events of the old days at the dragstrip, friends catch up on life events as well and allow the young bucks to show off their new wheels as the saga continues. Of course one of the big draws is the "Christmas Tree" from the original track which is placed at the entrance to the lot. Everyone that enters can get their picture snapped and reclaim some of those faded images of the past. And there is also a large collection of photos for sale from the tracks "Glory Days" which were taken by track photographer Bill Truby.

If you haven't been to a PID cruise, do yourself a favor and go, take you cruiser and the kids and show them how it used to be as you listen to the D.J. spin the oldies. You may have missed this one, nothin' left but the burn outs, but there will be others, keep an eye open and look for the road signs.

                                                                                                     Hey, gotta go the lights changin'  -Rich


PID Event-Flashlight Drags  Waynesburg July 7,   PID Event-Sonic  Bridgeville July 24,    PID/Keystone Nostalgia Nationals, Sept 28-29



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