Summer Daze

Is it just me or did summer fly by leaving us dazed and dusty in the rear view mirror? It seems like yesterday that I got a tune up for the old lawn boy. But at least the rain, heat, and humidity we seemed to have more of than our share has passed and that's a good thing. Another good thing for me has been some of the cars and people I have had the pleasure of seeing lately at the car cruises I have visited. Being a photographer, you would be correct to assume that I had my camera with me, I took many pictures of the cars that impressed me for one reason or other and if you have visited my website you probably saw some of them.

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There is something very special in a car cruise for me and I am sure for many of you of my, shall we say "vintage". Growing up in the era of the muscle car and getting a drivers license in the 60's, it is probably part of my DNA that cars, cruises and oldies are embedded deep in my fondest memories. A 56 Olds can still make my heart race more than any old girlfriend. Memories of washing and waxing that old beauty, putting lights behind the grill and adding various upgrades and gadgets to impress those hanging out at the tasty freeze took up much of my teen age spare time. The local boys would run em' on the highway or on the weekends at the strip, Keystone in our case, allowing them to bask in their bragging rights until the next time. Could life possibly have been any better? Pardon me while I digress.

If you are like me you still just like looking at them or better yet driving them if you can. 32 crop Never mind that you spend too much time and money on those oldies but goodies, it just feels good. It is part of our history, it was our birthright, there was plenty of cheap gas and it was our job to burn it. We accepted that responsibility and enjoyed it.

I invite you into my blog to reminisce. Let's cruise the Pittsburgh area in search of some of that old iron that has been rejuvenated, or preserved and buffed back into its' former self. Sit back, fasten your seat belt (if so equipped) and pop the clutch to race back a few years. We're gonna be checkin' out some of those old flame painted, fire breathin', rubber layin', hot rods and steroid injected muscles cars of our youth. We might even spot an exotic or a cool classic along the way. We'll even jump in the back of a pick up and throw caution to the wind on those old country roads.

Whata ya say? Yinz wanna go for a ride?

                   ........ Stay tuned, more to come


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